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  1. Going on a business trip… See you all after a few days!

  2. fioralaurent asked:

    Oh, hemomancer, why don't you come into the top lane more often? I'd absolutely love to dance with you.

    Well then, may I have this dance, miss? I even brought you a ward…


    But I can only dance for a little bit before I have to go back to mid.


  3. baguettebetty asked:

    What do you think of this Orianna skin on youtube? Please help promoting it so it will get released soon ^-^ It's so pretty~ *-* /watch?v=3tN7PVMMP1o

    Love it! I don’t think it needs promoting… it’s already very popular. Everyone and Jax’s mother loves it!


    Original design is by Erina on DA

  4. Anonymous asked:

    I wonder Vlad , for what are the "claws" you wear , I mean as shown by yourself you don't wear them outside the league (as your entire league-outfit).I suppose they part of the outfit the Institure makes your wear or tools to channel your magic


    It’s actually something else. But to me, they’re very important! It’s so I won’t break my nails while fighting in the fray (and these claws look scary). And the Institute deemed that my manicured nails are TOO perfect that it would dazzle and stun an unsuspecting opponent!

  5. tetchytact asked:

    What is your response to people who--erroneously--call you a vampire?

    Do you still believe in vampires at your age? They don’t exist!

  6. sleepyaaron asked:

    have you ever met marshall lee?


  7. askkassadin asked:

    How do you imagine your life to be if you didn't go under the apprenticeship of Dmitri?

    Hello Kassadin, thanks for sending in a question.

    I’m pretty sure if I didn’t go under the apprenticeship of Dmitri, I would of been killed on the spot like all the people that had fallen to his hand. However, if I decided to not go to the temple that day, I’m pretty sure my life would be quite similar to most born into Noxian nobility. There are only two types: the mercenaries and/ or the politicians.

    Most with political power are also required to take the summoners test because the state likes to have a lot of representatives. In fact, many of my relatives do a lot of summoning at the institute already, like at least 15!… Counting my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, god-sisters and god-brothers. Since it’s good to have many people under the family banner (Noxian families are large). So, I’d probably be forced to do that… 


  8. Anonymous asked:

    Ouch that seems cruel! D: Did you and your master ever get along well or was it constant training?


    Being Dmitri’s apprentice wasn’t exactly glamorous. And his training wasn’t always fun to undergo. Most of the time, it was chores… But we got along well and I never complained because I knew the end result would be worth it.

  9. Finished all the Diary Entry asks (marked with ☱)! Thanks for sending them in… I will go back to answering normal asks.

    (for future asks with  ☱, I’ll answer them at random intervals)

  10. askdemaciaswings asked:


    Day 1436:

    A new champion joined the League today… I think summoners are pretty humorous (they really like to have Champion themes). 

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